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Oka Short Necklace 

Oka Short Necklace 


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Vintage natural gold coral, Handmade rhinestone bead, Freshwater Pearls, and Hematite beads.

Please note that, due to the unique origins of our components, no two articles are identical. Embrace and appreciate the variations as delightful surprises from the Universe. Rest assured, every piece from Shoulga brand is guaranteed to please your eyes.

Lena's note

For this glamorous necklace, we've incorporated an unusual and rather rare material—vintage natural gold coral, which imparts a warm yet luxurious aura to this piece. Handmade rhinestone beads, freshwater pearls, and hematite beads complete the ensemble. Grey and gold—a very classic combination. If you appreciate a touch of glamour with a distinctive twist, the Tinea necklace is unquestionably your choice.

Size & Weight

Full Length ±45 cm / 18'

Weight ± 45g

For more size information, please refer to our Size Chart


Fragile, please do not drop on hard surfaces. Raw and matte stone beads are prone to get marked by the foundation. Please exercise caution in this regard.

For more information on how to care for this piece, please visit our Product Care page.

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