A Message from the Founder

The Shoulga brand was born from my passion for travel and exploration,

from my love of art and nature,

from my curiosity and lust for life,

from my lnterest to different culture. 


The  idea is simple -  to create the jewellery that  expresses the uniqueness in every one of us. We open ourself to this world  and  tell our stories  to others by  many different means

The way we dress and adorn ourself is just one of them.


 I want to talk to you through the world of my creation

To explore and feel

To share and inspire

To experience  our unity

To stay human


 Let us be…

Our story

Shoulga, a brand of statement jewellery and accessories, blends contemporary design with strong ethnic influences. Founded by Lena Shoulga, a former  interior designer, the brand draws inspiration from  art, nature and the diverse cultures of Africa. While African influences are prominent, Shoulga's core principles stem from the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi. This ethos celebrates beauty in imperfections, asymmetry, and irregularity, combining unconventional natural materials with contemporary design to honour raw allure.

We passionately incorporate components crafted by local artisans to our design

Our jewellery is designed for women who chart their own paths, defining their style through personal narratives rather than fleeting trends. These women are trailblazers, adventurers, artists, innovators, and dreamers. Join our tribe of spiritual globe-trotters and become part of this vibrant narrative.