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Colette Short Necklace with Pearl and Tourmaline

Colette Short Necklace with Pearl and Tourmaline


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 Our  Colette  short necklace from "Chanel inspire"  collection,  made from  raw finished  tourmaline  beads and large  barouque pearl is  definately a special piece. Classic combination of white and black create a very  sofisticated glam look but gold plated hematite  turtle as an accent  create a bit of rocky twist.  

Lena's note

Just to add the touch of glam to any of your outfit. This is the type of piece that has luxury feel but rather informal look at the same time . You will never ovedress with this one

Size & Weight


Fragile, please do not drop on hard surfaces. Raw and matte stone beads are prone to get marked by the foundation. Please exercise caution in this regard.

For more information on how to care for this piece, please visit our Product Care page.

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