Urban Zen

Our Urban Zen  collection – it's all about keeping things chill yet classy. This lineup brings together sleek, factory-made pieces with our handcrafted designs giving you that boho chic edge to rock with your everyday jeans and T-shirt or a crisp white shirt.

It's like urban elegance with a dash of down-to-earth flair, no frills, just good vibes. No need to fuss – just throw on any of these pieces to elevate your look without overdoing it.


Creative workshops

Notting Hill Beads & Banter: A Jewelry-Making Gathering

June, 18

11 AM

This two-hour journey is all about expressing your unique personality through the vibrant art of beaded jewellery. Forget the technicalities and let your imagination run wild, as you string together not just beads, but a piece of your own story.

Join us in a cozy, welcoming  artist home setting and unlock your creative potential with every bead you thread!

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A message from the founder

The Shoulga brand was born from my passion for travel and exploration,  from my love of art and nature,  from my curiosity and lust for life, from my passion to  different  cultures.

 The  idea is simple -  to create the jewellery that  expresses the uniqueness in every one of us. We open ourself to this world  and  tell our stories  to others by  many different means.

The way we dress and adorn ourself is just one of them. 

 I want to talk to you through the world of my creation. To explore and feel, To share and inspire, To experience  our unity,  To stay human.

  Let us be…